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After people decide to work with me as their business coach – Guildford, there is one question I get fairly often – “Graham, our company culture is really lacking and I’m not sure what more I can do to boost it, how do I fix that?” There isn’t a one size fits all answer I’m afraid because every business is different and made up of a plethora of people that work and live differently. But there are plenty of things you can try and adapt to suit your environment.

There are many aspects of the company that work together to impact the ways an employee feels about working there and how much purpose they feel they have within the business. The experiences they face every day will affect their attitude to work. So it’s important we take into account how much time people spend working for you to better your company. They should be able to enjoy it and feel like they’re getting something out of being there. Employees are vital assets, so look after them.

Why is company culture important?

Having a strong company culture means that everyone is aware of the company values and the path you’re on to develop the business. They have an understanding of the role they play and can act accordingly to ensure the company runs smoothly. Without it, you run the risk of losing employees or hiring people that don’t share your visions and values.

Setting up and promoting corporate culture integrates the messages and voice you’re promoting to your customers, with the people working to create the content on the inside. If these two things align, you’re going to have a more well-established and recognisable brand. This will reflect well on your business and boost brand awareness during your customer journeys.

Also, a strong company culture improves your resilience as a team. We often come across surprise changes and unprecedented events, so having a stable culture unites your teams in a way that allows them to work together even when they’re not ‘together’. Many of us are settled into remote working now and it’s becoming more and more common. So having this bond allows people to work cohesively to overcome challenges and maintain values at all times.

That being said, this culture also breeds an environment of teamwork and organisation. Everyone knows where they stand and who else is responsible for certain aspects of their work life. They can work seamlessly between projects and remain motivated when they’re given a clear sense of purpose. As a business coach – Guildford, I work to improve marketing and sales strategies amongst other things, but I don’t believe business owners are investing enough in company culture. That’s why I’m providing you with some ways to get started.

Tips on how to improve your company culture

1. Flexible working

In recent months, a flexible approach to working has been a necessity. Now, we should aim to provide this for our employees where possible. Having work relationships built on mutual trust will maintain respect between all parties and see more employee engagement. Signalling to your employees that you trust them will encourage loyalty and motivation.

Allowing them free reign over their working situation also helps to reduce burn-out and stress. many people that commute to work have a job that could easily be done at home most of the time. So having this choice improves their work-life balance and allows them time to themselves outside of work. An integral part of a productive employee.

2. Welcome new starters

Socialisation between co-workers plays a vital role in the implementation of strong company culture. Employees that have worked there for longer and going to set the expectation for your new employees. It’s important they welcome them in a way that reflects the culture you’re trying to build. It will be their first encounter with how everything works and what’s expected.

You want to create the best first impression to retain top talent. It’s not about filling in paperwork and emergency contacts, but how colleagues and managers interact with one another. Providing guidance and clear structure will allow them to fit comfortably into the business with a mutual understanding a sense of purpose.

Business coach Guildford

3. Prioritise mental health & wellbeing

The success of your business is riding on your employees carrying out assigned tasks and projects on a daily basis. If your focus is purely on this and you don’t spend any time worrying out whether or not they’re happy and coping, you’re going to get a lot of burnt-out people and not a lot of employee retention or engagement.

Feeling like you’re cared for and being looked after makes people want to come to work and do well. There’s a reason for them to do what they’re asked, and to do it well. If they’re not getting anything in return and being worked like machines, it won’t be worth their effort. Nothing is more important than a person’s health and wellbeing.

4. Effective & sustained communication

Start by encouraging communication between managers and teams. Without it, business is going to go awry. For it to be effective you need to push for two-sided communication. Don’t let people be defined or scared away by job titles or status and promote the importance of sustained conversations to keep people working on the same page.

This can help develop relationships company-wide and decreases the chance of conflict or misunderstanding before it gets too far down the line. Everyone will benefit from making this part of your company culture and it will even mean messages and goals will be spread more easily – keeping people in the loop.

5. Provide constructive feedback

Regular, constructive feedback helps people grow and stay aligned with your business. Keep in touch with all of your employees and get back to them on small achievements as well as larger, more important matters. This brings us back to a point we made above. Make sure they are getting things back from you. Feedback works as part of a reward system and actively engages employees.

People will be more willing to own up to mistakes and improve themselves if they’re told sooner rather than later. Otherwise, they’ll get 6 months down the line and wonder why something that could’ve been a simple fix, wasn’t brought up at the time. You don’t want things to get blown out of proportion so regular feedback is key to maintaining effective communication.

6. Train your employees!

Going back to the question I get asked a lot as a business coach – Guildford. If you’re looking to improve company culture but you’re not offering any coaching or training for your employees, you’re off on the wrong foot. How do you expect your team to live up to the expectations of the business if you don’t show them how it’s done?

People who are thoroughly mentored through their job roles are always aware of boundaries and expectations. Without this, your company culture will be all over the place. To create an environment of consistency and productive working, you need everyone on the same page. So get them together and make sure they are confident in their role. You’ll see more efficient and independent workers.

7. Challenge people

Lay down a challenge for all your employees and see how they get their teeth into a new project. It proves you’re invested in them and want to see them be the best they can be. It’s also a reminder that there are developmental opportunities within your company and that they can and should take advantage of them wherever possible.

If you’re helping them gain confidence in and growing their skills, they’ll remember that and want to prove to you that it was for the right reasons. It will benefit your business long-term to invest in and challenge your employees. They’ll be more likely to stay with you because they can see their future career progressing.

Graham Garman | Business coach – Guildford

Powered by strong company culture, your business has the potential to grow in leaps and bounds. It’s essential for employee retention and engagement that you invest in improving your workplace environment and the foundations it’s built on. By making everybody aware of how you want the company run, you are promoting consistency throughout. Not just online or within your marketing strategies, but actually between the people that make those things happen.

If you don’t already prioritise the experience of working for you, I can help you do so. With over 30 years in the industry, I’ve successfully worked with a range of businesses to develop effective business plans, incorporating innovative sales and marketing features that provide the right results. And, I can help you too. Together, we can transform your organisation and unlock its true potential. Contact me today at or complete the contact form here and I’ll get back to your shortly to discuss your individual requirements.

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